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Buying Property in 2024?

WFO 2024 Jan Issue 1 Buying Property in 2024 page20. This image shows the feet of a couple. They are wearing white sneakers and standing on a wooden floor. In front of them is a floor mat that says "First Time Buyer".

Are you thinking of buying property in 2024? Anita Marshall shares her 10 top tips with you…

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Are you thinking of buying property in 2024? 

Realizing the dream of homeownership or buying an investment property in today’s housing market may appear overwhelming, but rest assured, you’re not navigating this journey alone. So many Australians are keen to buy their own home or buy an investment property this year, and amidst the challenges and negative chat in the media about housing affordability, there’s a positive side that often goes untold. That is where we come in. We are still helping many Australians buy their first home or next property.

On an encouraging note, a significant portion of our clients completing settlements each month consists of first-time homebuyers. Yes, it is absolutely achievable to own your home! We helped many first homebuyers in 2023 enter the property market.

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Read Buying Property in 2024 in WFO 2024 Jan Issue 1

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