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Are you Ready? New Year New You! It’s 2024

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Are you ready for 2024? Leanne Bielik shares her tips for the New Year…

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Are you ready for 2024? New Year New You

Another New Year has ticked over and most people around the world would have given some thought to their goals for the year ahead or a personal New Year’s resolution. Most New Year resolutions tend to be based around health, such as joining a gym, quitting smoking, cutting out sugar, alcohol or reducing time on social media, but it is such an exciting time to really set some goals around finances, with mindfulness included.

Most of us have set financial goals for 2024 – which include saving more, spending less, reducing debt, incesting more, increasing earnings, and building an emergency fund.

I’ve been inspired to write this article by recently hearing from a girlfriend who has decided to commit to changes this year in terms of her spending.

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