WFO Contributor Guidelines

WFO welcomes pitches and submissions from financial subject matter experts.

WFO is Australia’s leading financial magazine written for women by women from across the finance, financial services, property, legal, and financial technology professions. WFO’s purpose is to provide our readers with the knowledge they need to create the financial future she desires, and to understand the role of the professional adviser. In achieving this aim, we invite professional advisers and technology experts to share their insights and views.  

WFO covers a broad spectrum of topics, including investment, property, borrowing, retirement, insurance, superannuation, estate planning, succession, intergenerational wealth transfer, wills, powers of attorney, and technology. We publish articles of varied length across digital platforms, including digital magazine, podcasts, videos, and other media that may support sharing your message effectively.

Please read the WFO Contributor Guidelines below.

Submitting your article for publication

We welcome your submission to WFO magazine.

Feature articles are between 1,500 and 2,000 words of critiques, reported features, interviews, and articles on everything financial told from your perspective. We’re looking for interesting perspectives on everything from investing in wine, to retiring in style, to first home ownership, to estate planning. Articles should have a nice balance of personal insight, analysis, and expert opinion.   

We look for authenticity in our articles and your work should be original. We will not publish pieces that have appeared elsewhere, that do not properly credit the ideas they present, that come across as promotional, or that do not include citations (although we may not publish these in the finished piece).  

The qualities we look for when evaluating a submission:

  1. Expertise: We look for subject matter expertise, however you do not have to be well known to be a contributor or author.
  2. Evidence: Build your reader’s trust by showing your subject expertise with case studies, interesting facts, and relevant examples.   
  3. Freshness: New financial ideas are precious gems. We look for your rare insight or unique argument that will delight and inform our readers.
  4. Practical: Providing practical and real life situations and case studies will help the reader understand your article and make it make it more powerful.
  5. Persuasive: WFO readers are seeking information to expand their financial acumen. You need to persuade and please our readers, capture her interest and inspire her to grow.

Pitching your idea for an article

If you are uncertain about an idea, send us a short pitch. We’ll review the idea, and if it is promising we will ask for a formal submission for our publication. Here’s some thoughts to help you with your pitch:

  1. What message are your conveying in the proposed article?
  2. What is important, useful, new, or distinct about your message?
  3. Why do women need to know about this?
  4. How can they apply this to their financial outcome?

The outline should be 300 words or less and should include, an outline the structure of the proposed article, the evidence supporting your argument, case studies, illustrative examples or an extended, detailed example.  

Submission notes

Please take the following into account:

  • Email your submission in Word format to the editor.
  • Include your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter accounts along with a high resolution photo of yourself to use if/when we publish your article.
  • Submission of images is not essential. If you choose to send images, please label all images with a brief descriptive caption and the photographer’s name. Electronic images should be at 300dpi JPEGs or TIFFs with a linear size of at least the size they will appear in the magazine.
  • We cannot guarantee when your article will be published. WFO’s production lead times, and editorial balance affect the final story grid for any one issue.
  • We try to review submissions regularly. However, we will only provide editorial feedback for those articles when selected for publishing.

Thank you for considering WFO for your article.

Jacqueline Hodges
Editor in Chief, WFO

Last updated: 01 November, 2021

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