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Get Focused for 2023

WFO Women's Money Magazine 2023 Issue 1 Join the WFO 2023 Challenge and improve your financial outcome. Get Focused for 2023.

Get Focused for 2023 as another year begins and we all start to refocus on resetting our life, setting new goals, and excitedly and expectantly start tackling our New Year Resolutions with a bang.

Some of us have suffered huge financial losses over the couple of years. Some readers will say We lost jobs, We lost investment value, We lost investment income. Others will say, well our credit card debt sky-rocketed, as we embraced our first Christmas together again and forget how much we spent on Boxing Day and New Year’s sales.

We saw our mortgages grow during those home loan repayment holidays and now the interest rates are heading higher. And even the annual indexation of our HELP debt and HELP loans has skyrocketed.

Many still feel we are loving in uncertain times, of rising cost of living and job insecurity. This uncertainty permeates our mindset and leaks into the way we manage our financial wellbeing.

So while, we adjust to a new wave of rising costs and interest rate hikes, it’s time to face reality, close out the unstructured mentality and start 2023 with a healthy personal financial plan.

You may not have financial balance in mind or not know where to begin. So we are setting out the basic structure to step you through building your 2023 balanced personal financial wealth plan.

Get Focused for 2023 with FOCUSED Goals

Goal setting is an important part of life and essential in developing your personal financial wealth plan. Goalsetting helps us align our desires and wants with an actionable plan and timeframe to achieve them.

This time of year, we all make resolutions, yet hardly any resolution survives part one month. Overcome this New Year’s Syndrome with FOCUSED Goals. FOCUSED is a mnemonic acronym.

The New Year is a great time to reset your financial goals and revise your monthly budget. New Year’s resolutions come and go! Be honest with yourself! Be realistic! Make small goals that are more achievable that can be your stepping stones to achieving your larger goals. Be FOCUSED.

The FOCUSED Framework

The FOCUSED Framework is a new way to achieve your goals. You can find out more about achieving your goals using the FOCUSED Framework in Crush Your Goals by Austin Bollinger. Get the book here:

WFO Women's Money Magazine 2023 Issue 1 The FOCUSED Framework for Goal Setting based on original by Austin Bollinger author of Crush Your Goals)
Based on the original The FOCUSED Framework goal setting concept, created by Austin Bollinger (2020 Crush Your Goals).

“Success in goal setting stems from identifying goals that give you a strong sense of passion and purpose, and if you follow this framework, that’s exactly what you’re going to find”

Austin Bollinger

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Get Focused for 2023

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