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Do I have to Claim Child Support? 2023

WFO 23 Apr Issue 4 “We’ve split up, so do I have to claim child support?”. Image shows a child stuck in the middle of her parents. Mum and Dad have their backs to the child. Read this article on p36

Child support.

Two heartfelt words with a severely negative connotation – and understandably so.

The child support system in Australia is operated by a government department. This is the first of the issues. (N.B. not a joke about public servants, but rather bureaucracy as a whole.)

The second problem is the standardised administrative assessment of payments, which imposes the same calculations regardless of individual and unique needs and circumstances.

We’ve split up, so do I have to claim child support?

Two parents can share equal care of their children but, as one earns more than the other, they remain liable to pay child support to the other parent.

There are parents who cease work, or hide their income, to reduce their liability to the primary parent.

There are parents who have their children withheld from them and, as a result of the challenges in accessing the judicial system in Australia, have maximum liabilities despite their desire to actually just have more care of their child.

I have heard stories of …

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WFO Women's Money Magazine WFO 2023 Apr Issue 4. Cover Image shows a woman wearing a red spotted on a red background. She has short brown hair, and has a her fingers touching each other as she contemplates her future. This WFO issue focuses on Children and mortgages.
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