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Finance for property at the end of 2023

WFO 2023 Sep Issue 9 “So, what is happening with finance for property at the moment?” Image shows young, professional couple at a meeting. In the forgrounds on left bottom corner we see the shoulder of a person leading the meeting. The concept is a finance meeting. Read this article on p12

Anita Marshall shares her insights into the current trends in property finance

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So, what is happening with finance for property at the moment?

As a residential finance mortgage broker, this question pops up quite frequently. It does not matter if people are first home buyers, property investors or homeowners everyone wants to know what is happening at ground level, which is where we sit as mortgage brokers. Clients will often come to us about property ideas before anywhere else. So, we are in a position to know if there is buyer interest out there or if the market is softening. At the moment, we are still seeing plenty of activity with a lot of clients who are already in the market refinancing for better rates and lower payments but also lots of buyer interest in the market. Everyone still loves to own their own home or invest in property. As we have a serious housing shortage it has become more popular than ever for Australians to get into the property market, as this has provided consumers with peace of mind and in most cases it is a great way to accumulate wealth in the long run. So, what is happening with finance for property at the moment?

Some frequently asked questions:

  1. Are there buyers still out there?

Yes, we are still receiving regular enquiries from buyers. Our main goal with consumers is that we take pride in acting in our client’s best interest. More often than not, their ultimate goal is to own their own home so its very common for us to be contacted by buyers hoping to get into the market.  The number of home buyer enquiries are certainly slightly down on what they were 12 months ago before rates started to climb rapidly, however there are plenty of buyers still in the market.

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Read What is Happening with Finance for Property in WFO 2023 Sep Issue 9

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