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2022 Student Loan Repayment Rates

WFO 23 Mar Issue 3 Happy Young Woman Graduand. Do you have a VSL or HELP Debt? Read this article for the 2022 Student Loan Repayment Rates and Thresholds p56

VSL & HELP Repayment Thresholds & Rates

The government generously provides financial assistance so that all Australians may receive higher education without the financial burden of upfront payments.

2022 Student Loan Repayment Rates

The financial assistance is by way of a debt that is repaid once you start earning an income above $48,361.

Your repayment income is taxable income in your tax return plus the total of your net investment loss, including net rental losses, plus any reportable fringe benefits amounts, reportable super contributions and exempt foreign employment income…

Continue reading to see a table of rates and for an example showing how to calculate your repayment income…

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