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Know Your Basic Work Rights

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Where my workplace rights come from?

In Australia employee’s workplace rights and entitlements are comprised of employment instruments which includes legislation, awards, enterprise bargaining agreements, employment agreements/contracts and internal workplace policies.

Know Your Basic Work Rights

As an employee, it will depend on who you are employed by as to which employment instruments apply to you.


Irrespective of your role, employment status or place of employment all employees have the rights and entitlements that are awarded to them by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Within this act there are 11 terms
and conditions which comprise the National Employment Standards, also known as NES.

The NES are the minimum employment standards set out in the Fair Work Act. Employers can offer additional entitlements to the NES, an Award or an enterprise agreement, but cannot offer less.

Continue reading to find out the basics of policies, employment agreements, enterprise bargaining agreements, awards, and legislation, and to know your basic work rights.

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