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10 Easy Hacks to a Great Kid’s Party

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This month, my youngest son turned 4.

As I planned his birthday party, I thought about how much parties have changed over recent years.

Growing up as a 90s kid, parties were simple usually at home with some fairy bread or held at Maccas or HJs.

But today, most parties we go to could be straight out of Pinterest. Maybe because this generation of mums grew up watching ‘Sweet Sixteen’ on MTV. I appreciate an OTT party and seeing it all come together perfectly.

I love sitting down with my boys and choosing a theme and pinning ideas to our party board. But I had to wonder: who are we going all out for? As much as we say it’s for the kids and wanting to give them an amazing birthday, my 4 year old isn’t going to remember this and much less ac­tually appreciated all the time money and effort I put into it.

I had to admit that my desire to wrap custom-printed Aldi chocolate bars was more about me, then my kids. Maybe I wanted to prove to all the parents at the party that I was ‘mum enough’ by being able to parent, run a business, juggle all the balls and still throw an amazing party.

10 Easy Hacks to a Great Kid’s Party

So this year I decided that a ‘good enough’ birthday would do the trick. Wouldn’t you know it, he had the best time ever and turns out I’m still a good mum even without wearing the fancy birthday party title like the proud peacock feathers of mother love! The best bit – it was low cost.

So here’s a few tips from what I learned this year…

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